Tuesday, 03 October 2017 13:55

Geek of the Week - Toilet Time

As disgusting as we all say it is...many of us have used our phones while we're in the bathroom. Whether its to answer a text or email, take a call, browse social media, or sweep those mines...the bathroom is one of the most popular places we use our phones.

TappsGames has come out with Toilet Time. A collection of mini games to pass the time while you're indisposed. Note: All games have a bathroom theme to them, and may be disturbing or deemed inappropriate to some. That said...the kids will love it.

Games include sorting the line of people into men's room and lady's room visitors, connect the pipes to prevent a clog, erase the graphitti from the restroom wall, set the shower temperature for ultimate comfort...things like that.

Toilet Time is free in the AppStore and on GooglePlay.

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