Tuesday, 28 February 2017 11:22

Geek of the Week: YouCam Makeup

The department store makeup counter make-over is officially a thing of the past! Now, if you want to try out a new look, see what you'd look like with Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime face paint, or even try a different shade of lipstick...you can do it in Augmented Reality.

This new, free, app allows you to put on virtual lip stick, blush, or eye shadow in real time, with the selfie camera on your phone. Don't like the color, click another one? Just like the Instagram Filters that add a dog's tongue to your face, this app perfectly places the makeup to look like you're really wearing it.

It has a variety of standard cosmetics (that you can purchase from the app), there's a collection of face paint options for costume parties...and if Beyonce wears a stunning face at an awards show, copy it onto your face to see how it looks on you. There's even an option to virtually try-on new glasses frames.

YouCam Makeup is free for iPhone and Android.

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