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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 09:15

October News from Our Lady of the Lourdes Shrine






                                                                                    October, 2018

Dear Friends,

We continue with the topic good advice from Mary the Mother of Jesus.

Last month we talked about how Mary tells us to do whatever Jesus tells us to do.  This month we ask the question: How do we know what God wants us to do?  Again, Mary comes to the rescue.  Let’s look at scripture. In Luke 1: 26-38 the angel Gabriel said to Mary: “Hail full of grace the Lord is with you.”  Gabriel does not call her by her given name.  He gives her a title.  The title is “full of grace.”  What does that mean?  That means that Mary was full of God because grace is the life of God within us.  So even before the Holy Spirit overshadowed her the life of God, grace, was within her.  How does one get the life of God to be within them?  The answer is prayer.  Prayer is conversation with God.  It is inviting God to live within us.  We must give God permission to abide in us.  He will not barge in and invade our space.  He is very respectful of our free will.  Mary gave God permission to dwell within her in a very special way.  She would be the Mother of Jesus, but not until her words of approval were spoken.  She says to the angel: “Behold I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be done to me according to your word.”

Can we do that too?  Can we allow God to speak to us in prayer so that we know what His will for us might be?  Try it.  See what happens.

October 7st, we will be celebrating Rosary Sunday.  That is our Fall Festival.   If you can, it would be a perfect time to visit. Masses are at 8:00AM, 9:30 AM and 11:00AM as well as the regular services and a candle light procession. The festival begins after the 9:30 AM Mass. You will find a bake sale, handmade craft items, prizes on wheels, a lot of food and of course our gift shop. On Friday, October 26 we will have a 4:00 PM rosary and prayers for priests.  Help us to support our priests through prayer.  Please join us! 

Although the weather is changing please remember that we are open and have the 9:30 AM Mass until October 28th. We have many activities scheduled during the winter season so please do not forget us.  The Spring and Summer schedule will resume the first Sunday of May, but don’t forget us during the winter.  Come and visit.  Thank you from the Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity.

Please remember that October is the month of the Rosary and try to say it every day and encourage someone to join you, even for only a decade. November is the month dedicated for the deceased.  Below you will find a form to pray for your deceased loved ones for the month of November.

Please remember that if you can not make it to the Shrine to light your candles for the Blessed Mother we will gladly do this for you for four days a month for a donation of $20.00 or 16 days for 6 months for $100.00.

Candle Donation____________________



Please include my loved ones in the Masses during November.


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Wednesday, 12 September 2018 08:46

Motivational Monday September 10, 2018

Monday, September 10, 2018

Make joy your perspective

Joy is not the result of any particular possession, experience, or situation. Joy arises out of the way you choose to see the situation and to live the experience.

Joy is available all the time, in every moment. What you must do is see it, live it, give it, be it.

Don’t strive to arrange the details in a specific fashion in the hope that they will cause joy. Be yourself the cause of joy, and allow the details of experience to flow from that joy.

There is joy in the moment when you give joy to the moment. The time, the place, the experience and those who share it are special when you see, with joy, how special they are.

Let go of judgments and assumptions. See if you can allow joy to be your perspective.

Here is where you can make new joy. Now is when.

— Ralph Marston

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Monday, 20 August 2018 08:10

Motivational Monday 8-20-18

Savor the journey

Don’t let yourself become too obsessed with hurrying to get there. While you’re on the way, savor the journey.

Go fast enough to get it done, but slow enough to do it well. Do what you must to achieve the goal, while enjoying all the richness you find in the effort.

Sometimes the road is more interesting and fulfilling than the destination to where it leads. Often what you learn along the way is more valuable than what you find when you get there.

Rushing ahead of everyone else is not an indication of how enlightened or important someone is. It’s actually a sign of ignorance and insecurity.

Be confident enough to make the journey at an enjoyable, sustainable pace. Be smart enough to understand how much value can be created and collected along the way.

Keep going, steadily, and you’ll get there. As you do, savor the journey, every step of the way.

— Ralph Marston

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Monday, 13 August 2018 08:47

Motivational Monday 8-13-18

Good can come from it

What if the problem is not really a problem? What if that’s just the way you’ve chosen to see it?

What if the difficulty might eventually turn out to be helpful? What if the disappointment could soon lead to a valuable gain?

Step back from your assumptions. Imagine differently, optimistically, with confidence and a positive perspective.

See your situation as it is. Then envision a whole set of favorable possibilities flowing out of it.

You have an opportunity here. The future has not happened, and what you do right now will have an impact on how your future plays out.

Acknowledge reality while also seeing the good things that can come from it. Now, get to work making those good things happen.

— Ralph Marston

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Monday, 06 August 2018 09:41

Motivational Monday 8-6-18

Start doing

What have you been waiting to do, wishing you would start, hoping you could complete? Today is your opportunity to make it happen.

Any hesitation or doubt you’ve experienced in the past is now gone. Confidently breathe in the fresh, energizing air of this new moment, and get to work.

You don’t have to be stopped by your fear of potential problems. Just be willing to deal with whatever issues arise, when they arise.

You’ve held yourself back long enough. Give yourself the maximum amount of time to live the life you wish to live, by acting on it now.

Your best goals and dreams deserve to be transformed into reality. You deserve the incomparable experience of making that happen.

Today is your day to stop waiting and start doing. Go ahead, and allow yourself to give your best.

— Ralph Marston

Monday, 30 July 2018 08:43

Motivational Monday 7-30-18

Always a way through

There is always a way through. Calm down, take a breath, back away from the drama and find that way.

Life’s realities are not always pleasant or comforting or convenient. Accept reality, and at the same time, refuse to be stopped by it.

Steady your nerves as the situation crashes down around you. Then pick up the pieces and do something useful, helpful, good, and valuable with them.

Keep your cool when tensions are hot. Engage your steady hand to navigate through rough and roiling passages.

There is always a way through. And on the other side, great value, opportunity, a new, stronger perspective.

With grace and confidence, see beyond the disruptions of the moment to a positive vision of what can be. With calm determination, lead the way there.

— Ralph Marston

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Monday, 23 July 2018 08:34

Motivational Monday 7-23-18

Full extent of opportunity

No matter what you have, you have it good. Take care not to let your own complacency steal it away.

Sure, you deal with serious problems, challenges, disappointments. Yet your life is also filled with a whole lot of value.

Don’t let irreplaceable value wither away as a result of taking it for granted. Appreciate it, utilize it, and build on it.

What aspects of life would you work day and night to regain if you were to lose them? What can you do today to more fully enjoy and make use of those good things?

What are you neglecting to do today, that you would pay dearly for the opportunity to do if you didn’t have that opportunity? Remind yourself to do what you can, while you can.

Every life has its share of misfortune, but there’s no reason to add to that misfortune with complacency. See the full extent of opportunity that is now yours, and live it well.

— Ralph Marston

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July, 2018

Dear Friends,

Have you ever had a plan in mind and at the end of the plan realize that the result wasn’t exactly what you

 thought it might be? That sounds just like life.  Think about where you are today. 

Did you plan to be in this place, doing whatever it is you are doing? I wonder if the saints planned to be saints? 

Did the apostles know that they would help spread the new church?  

At the end of her life did Bernadette wonder how it all happened?  All she wanted was fire wood.  

Who gave these people the strength to do extraordinary things?  Why did they cooperate with 

God’s plan and not just continue their own?  

The thing is when we cooperate with God’s plan astonishing and wonderful events occur. 

 Looking back, we know that it was God and we just permitted him to use us. 

 On the other hand, when we don’t allow God’s plan to proceed and we follow our own the results

are usually mistakes, if not catastrophic, causing all kinds of negative events.  The choice is always ours.  

Do we choose God’s will or our own? How do we recognize God’s plan?  Think about that for a minute.    

We invite you to continue listening to the Lord, as Mary requests, by attending three days of prayer to St. Ann and 

St. Joachim, Jesus’ grandparents, July 24, 25 and 26. There will be 7:00 PM rosary followed by Mass. Fr. Peter Kovacina

 will be conducting the Triduum.  In August we also remind you of the novena for the Assumption from August 7th through August 15th.

 Are you serious about doing the Lord’s will?  Then take advantage of our prayer opportunities. Join us!  

Please join us for our steak roast to be held on July 21st.   Reservations are due by July 15th.   

Tickets are $20 pick up a flyer with more information. We really need your help.  Thank you!


In the Trinity,

The Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity


Prayer for Vocations

Holy Mary, you were so generous and immediate in giving your yes to God, inspire young women and 

men to follow your example by voicing their yes to God as you did.  As a Mother, we respectfully request that

 you petition your Son for us, to awaken in the hearts of young people the courage and insight to follow His way 

of life as a Religious. If we may be so bold, dearest mother, may we petition that these young people are guided to

 help carry on the work of all Religious Orders, but most especially the Order of the Most Holy Trinity?

 We ask that as we ask all things through your Son Jesus. Amen


Name: ___________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

City: __________________________ State: _____________   Zip: ____________

Email Address:  (please print clearly)

Candle Donation: One week $20        One month $100 

Prayer Donation____________________

Prayer Intention:

O Sacrament most holy, O Sacrament Divine all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine!

Monday, 09 July 2018 09:51

Motivational Monday 7-9-18

Infinite options

This moment has infinite options. Commit to one and follow through on it.

Seek to make the best choice, but don’t put all of your energy into merely making the choice. Decide, and then act on your decision.

You may not always make the perfect choice, or think of everything that could go wrong or go right. But go ahead, make the choice and then move forward with it.

You’re likely to have doubts, second thoughts, third thoughts. As those thoughts come, keep taking action anyway.

A one-hundred-percent perfect plan is of no use if the plan is not executed. So put thought into crafting a reasonably good plan and then direct your energy into making it happen.

Embrace life’s many options, but don’t let the endless choices overwhelm you. Pick a specific path, act on it, and transform your choice into real value.

— Ralph Marston

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