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Monday, 24 October 2016 14:06

Monday Motivation

The Daily Motivator message for
Monday, October 24, 2016

Positive contribution to the future

by Ralph Marston

Look beyond the desires of the moment. Turn your attention toward the long-term desires, plans, hopes, dreams for your life.

Stop being such a slave to whatever you want right now. Free yourself to be the master of what your life is like tomorrow, next month, five years from now.

In twenty minutes, the latest buzz will have already been forgotten. Yet what you garner from a good book or a heartfelt conversation will stay with you for twenty years.

Use right now to make a positive contribution to the future, your future, the world’s future. Take the actions today that will have the biggest benefits later, and you improve both the present and the future.

What you grab quickly goes away quickly. Yet what you patiently, persistently give to life grows more valuable as time goes on.

Breathe in the beauty, wonder, abundance and opportunity of now. With your actions, direct all that energy toward creating an even better future.

© 2016 Ralph S. Marston, Jr.
From The Daily Motivator website at

Monday, 17 October 2016 08:38

Monday Motivation

The Daily Motivator message for
Monday, October 17, 2016

Gift of achievement

by Ralph Marston
Decide right now to make this commitment. Promise yourself that in one hour you’ll look back on the previous hour with great satisfaction.

Schedule yourself, just an hour from now, to be grateful and excited about what you’ve just done. Then get busy and create that positive moment.

Give yourself the gift of achievement. Watch yourself, feel the satisfaction, as you get good things done.

Experience the power of your own focus. Stay centered on the specific difference you’ve chosen to make.

Boost your confidence, your optimism, your attitude and your effectiveness. Invest the next hour becoming a more positive and accomplished version of you.

That investment begins paying dividends immediately, and for a long time to come. Make the commitment, do the work, and enjoy the rewards you’re already earning.

© 2016 Ralph S. Marston, Jr.
From The Daily Motivator website at

Brought to you by the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland.

Monday, 10 October 2016 09:44

Monday Motivation

The Daily Motivator message for
Monday, October 10, 2016

Enthusiasm and energy

by Ralph Marston

Your life deserves all the enthusiasm and energy you can give it. So without waiting another moment, give it, and keep giving it.

Be a positive presence in your own life, your own thoughts, your own actions. Be a positive influence for people and situations you encounter.

Imagine the best that can happen, and then take vigorous steps in that direction. Visualize pure, unrestrained joy and then let that joy emerge from your vision out into your life.

Let go of the tired old thought patterns that keep you feeling worried and hesitant. Think of what it would mean right now to live with boldness and enthusiasm, then do it.

Your time is too precious to let even a few moments slip away without putting all of yourself into them. The possibilities are too splendid to ignore.

You have the power to energize your whole world. Activate that power, create that energy, and do all the great things today you know you can do.

© 2016 Ralph S. Marston, Jr.
From The Daily Motivator website at
Friday, 07 October 2016 14:02


The Daily Motivator message for
Monday, October 3, 2016

Creative ideas

by Ralph Marston
Ideas flow into your awareness. Pay attention, and give them some respect.

The ideas you create come from the life you live, from the problems you encounter, from the values you hold. That makes them quite valuable and appropriate for you.

Don’t discount ideas just because they come from you, or just because they seem silly. Though they won’t all be workable, each one has something to tell you.

You are a highly creative being. And your creativity is specifically targeted to your own unique situation.

Creativity is not just about directing films or painting pictures. Creativity helps you in every moment to make the most of life.

Accept those creative ideas as they flow into your awareness. Grab the good ones and follow through, adding great beauty and goodness to your world.

© 2016 Ralph S. Marston, Jr.
From The Daily Motivator website at

Wednesday, 28 September 2016 09:27

Institution of Marriage Fundraiser



Wednesday, 28 September 2016 09:24

Second Annual Family Reunion


Wednesday, 28 September 2016 09:17

Seniors Are Jewels Event

Located at 7401 Euclid Avenue in Cleveland.

Check them out on Facebook as Masjid Bilal of Cleveland and here is a link to their website



Wednesday, 28 September 2016 08:37

September Faith Page

Faith Page Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine
September 20, 2016

It seems like at the end of every summer someone is always saying: “Where did summer go?” We all take advantage of the longer days, maybe time away from work or school and the fun things to do. We make the actual choice to spend our time however we want. Nature does not. Nature just does what it does every year, cycle to the next phase. In a few weeks the leaves will begin turning colors and we will enjoy that too, but that will happen again next year. Nature just keeps on doing what it was designed to do. As people, we make our choices. We decide what to eat, where to go, what to wear… The question is: are our choices as beautiful as nature’s? How long does it take for us to decide what type of coffee we would like to buy or which job offer to accept? Of course our decisions are not automatic like the rhythmic cycle of nature. But upon what do we base our choices? Do we ever consider what God would want us to do or is the prestige and bigger salary the deciding factor? God only wants what is good for us so somehow we have to plug into what God would like us to do. We do that by a conversation. That is called prayer. Take some time out to talk to God and sincerely listen to His Word. Make sure you are not talking to yourself because then you just get caught up spinning your wheels.

Bible Vs.: Psalm 16: 1-3 Preserve me, O God, for in you I take refuge. I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord, I have no good apart from you.” As for the saints in the land, they are the noble, in whom is my delight.

Prayer: O Lord let me allow you into my life without conditions. Let me hear your voice and follow your commands. Let me praise you and adore you and let me be your sign on this earth. Amen

Spotlight: Come and visit Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine at 21281 Chardon Rd. Sunday, October 2nd there will be a Fall Festival. Come and pray, eat and have fun! There will be a homemade bake sale, religious gift shop, homemade crafts, a fishpond, a game on wheels, a pizza and sausage stand. Masses are 8:00 AM. 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM. There will be 3:00 PM Stations of the Cross, 4:00 PM Rosary followed by Benediction.

Monday, 26 September 2016 08:50

Motivational Monday 9-26-16

Joy where you are

by Ralph Marston

What you enjoy doing, you do well. When you enjoy the moment you’re in, you rise to a higher state of awareness, of effectiveness, of existence.

Let your enjoyment be based on choice, not on judgment. Instead of deciding in advance what’s enjoyable and what’s not, simply decide to enjoy whatever is.

No, not everything is enjoyable. Yet a whole lot more people, situations, and activities can be enjoyable if you’ll just let them be.

Let go of the stressful, anxious need to run somewhere else. Peacefully direct your energy into creating real joy, real enjoyment, right where you are.

Allow a little enjoyment, and create more patience, understanding, confidence and focus. Rather than fighting against a difficult situation, choose to enjoy a unique and valuable moment.

Find joy, encourage joy, make joy right where you are. The more you enjoy life, the more there is to enjoy.

© 2016 Ralph S. Marston, Jr.
From The Daily Motivator website at


Monday, 19 September 2016 08:13

Monday Motivation 9-19-16

Better than you’ve been

by Ralph Marston

Decide today to be better than you’ve been. Commit to raise your life to a higher level.

Start with your thoughts, letting go of the ones that hold you down. Replace them with thoughts of excellence, of possibility, with visions of achievement.

Next, raise your expectations. You deserve to do more, to be more, to understand more, so expect it without question.

Then, push yourself into constant, effective action. Invest great effort, driven by your higher thoughts and expectations.

You can be better than you’ve been, reach higher than you’ve reached, and do much more than you’ve done. You get to be the person who makes all that happen.

Inject the power of passion and purpose into every experience. Choose to get better, act to get better, every moment, every day.

© 2016 Ralph S. Marston, Jr.
From The Daily Motivator website at
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