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Tuesday, 24 October 2017 10:56

Geek of the Week: Mobile App

Since Dan Deely is in Las Vegas this week, we thought we'd share an app he, no doubt, uses when planning his trips to the strip.

In Las Vegas, they know that the fun isn't just happening “now”, it's happening “next”. The web site and this mobile version app gives you insider information about what's happening around town.

Book tickets to shows, find off-the-beaten-path fun, locate the best meals or drink deals in town, and, since its on your phone, it can tell you the most important information of all: Where's the closest public restroom.

Vegas trip planning at your fingertips with the mobile app. Free on Android and iPhone.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017 13:46

Geek of the Week: Tunity

Ever been at a party, at a bar, at a restaurant, or the gym, and you really want to hear what's on TV, but you just can't because everyone around you is being too loud? You need this app. Now!

Open the app, aim it at the TV. The app scans the image on the screen, then searches the net to figure out what you're watching...and streams the audio directly to your phone (or bluetooth speaker)!

The app is free for iPhone and Android.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 11:59

Geek of the Week - Reverse Dictionary

Ever been writing an email, or Facebook post, or essay and had the perfect word right on the tip of your tongue...but you can't think what it is? You know how to describe the word (small, green fruit...millennials love them...Subway had a whole campaign around them a year or so ago...used in guaccamoli) but the word just won't come to you!

Introducing Reverse Dictionary!

A free app that let's you enter a definition, and it spits out a list of possible words to solve your writers block.

AND, if you're a crossword puzzler, use this app to help with 35 Down, “a 7 letter word for Mexican fruit” AV*C*DO.

Reverse dictionary is free on GooglePlay.

Tuesday, 03 October 2017 13:55

Geek of the Week - Toilet Time

As disgusting as we all say it is...many of us have used our phones while we're in the bathroom. Whether its to answer a text or email, take a call, browse social media, or sweep those mines...the bathroom is one of the most popular places we use our phones.

TappsGames has come out with Toilet Time. A collection of mini games to pass the time while you're indisposed. Note: All games have a bathroom theme to them, and may be disturbing or deemed inappropriate to some. That said...the kids will love it.

Games include sorting the line of people into men's room and lady's room visitors, connect the pipes to prevent a clog, erase the graphitti from the restroom wall, set the shower temperature for ultimate comfort...things like that.

Toilet Time is free in the AppStore and on GooglePlay.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017 12:03

Geek of the Week: TV Guide

It is Fall TV Premiere Season! Keep up to date with TV or on your mobile device.

Go to, or download the apps from iTunes or GooglePlay. Keep up to date on your favorite shows, see what's on, and get reminder alerts for new shows you want to watch.  But what this app is REALLY good for, is staying up to date on all things entertainment:  News, celebrity gossip, and info about the programs you love to watch.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 10:09

Geek of the Week: iQueue Mobile

No matter your problem, there really is an app for that. A new startup is offering to stand in line for you! Download iQueue Mobile, and for $15 per hour, one of their contractors (like Uber drivers) will wait in line for you. They'll also send updates and pictures every 15 minutes to keep you updated on the progress of the line so you can plan your arrival.

That's right, the person only waits in line...they won't actually walk into the Apple Store and purchase the iPhone X for you. You'll have to show up, replace them in line, and buy it yourself.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 11:46

Geek of the Week: ChangED

This app helps you pay down your student loans...without you even realizing it.

ChangED automatically rounds up every purchase you make and puts the change aside in an FDIC insured account. Every time you hit $100, the app automatically sends it to the loan company!

You can keep track of your ChangED account balance, and how much you still owe on your loan right from the app.

You must have a ChangeED account, which costs $1 a month.

So far, the app is only available for iPhone, but its coming soon to Android.

According to the description in the app marketplaces, “Draft as if the Footballguys fantasy football team of 60+ experts is looking over your shoulder.” Pretty big talk.

The official app for

Full rankings and analysis of each player at each position, news, injury updates, stats, run a mock draft to see how your team could stack up, and run difference draft scenarios.

This works better if you run your league through the site, but you can use it for reference.

The app isn't free. ($5) on GooglePlay or iTunes.

**after the draft go to to see how you did.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017 13:41

Geek of the Week: CMSDBus Tracker

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District, along with some other local districts, has equipped their buses with GPS transmitters...and now we can keep track of their location right from our phone, tablet or laptop.  Set up an account (you'll need your child's District ID#), then simply go to and you'll see exactly where your child's bus is and how soon it will be at your bus stop.

The site also works in the morning! (think rainy or cold, snowy mornings when you may not want the kids at the bus stop for a long time).

There are usually two reasons you install an app on your phone: You either need it, or you're curious about it. This week's app just barely fits into the second category. Its just intriguing enough to warrant a download. Its called iBeer (thankfully, its free!). Open the app and the screen looks as though its filling with beer. You can swirl it, you can tip it and pretend to drink it, you can knock it over. Wherever the screen tilts, the beer mimics it. Once the beer is gone from the screen, you hear a burp...and the app closes.

For extra fun, you can pick between different styles of beer, or decide to go with mouthwash instead.

iBeer is free for iPhone and iPhone devices.

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