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Wednesday, 22 July 2015 05:16

Geek of the Week: Yummly

Yummly is a recipe website with companion apps that is the Kayak, Pintrest & Netflix of recipe sites! We've seen the commercials for the travel deal web site that scans all other travel deal web sites to give you the best prices...Yummly pulls recipes from the top recipe sites and blogs like AllRecipes, Epicurious, Food52, Chow, Serious Eats and more. You can filter selections based allergies, or diets, or cooking time.

Like Pintrest, each recipe has an orange “yum” button you can click to add the recipe to your own, personal collection. And like Netflix, Yummly can even recommend recipes based on the recipes in your collection.

But wait, there's more! Yummly can sync with your health app and does the calorie-counting for you!

Create your free account by logging in through Facebook, Google or email. The apps are free from Google Play and iTunes or go to

Tuesday, 14 July 2015 13:00

Geek of the Week: Amazon's Prime Day

Today, in honor of its 20th birthday, Amazon is holding a “Prime Day” celebration sale. The sale is available to Amazon Prime members and the deals are said to be “bigger than Black Friday”! Look for deals on electronics, books, select clothing and jewelery and Amazon Elements Baby Wipes.

Some of the notable deals include $15 off Fire TV Stick, $30 off Kindle, Smart LED TVs and Chromebook laptops for under $200, 50-inch 4K TV for $1000, and DVDs up to 75% off.

Not a Prime member?  Click here for Amazon's 30-day Free Trial.  (they say you can cancel any time!)

Not to be outdone, Walmart announced that it's also having a sale.  The company says their price drops will be “atomic”.

Wednesday, 08 July 2015 05:39

Geek of the Week: Who Deleted Me

Similar to the “Who Unfollowed Me” apps for Twitter and Instagram, this is an app for iOS and Android that tracks when you are unfriended on Facebook...and by whom. The service has been around for a little more than 5 years as a web browser extension, but the app just launched a week or so ago.

*Note: It doesn't start keeping track of your account until you set up the app.

Free in iTunes, GooglePlay, and as a Chrome browser extension.

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 05:38

Geek of the Week: Stack Heroes

Tetris for a new generation. Only this time, you aren't trying to create a solid block, to make lines of the puzzle disappear.  Now you want to build the tallest structure you can build...before the whole thing comes crashing down. The taller the stack of blocks gets, the less stable it becomes.  It begins to wobble and sway, and then eventually topple. Part Tetris, part Jenga...Stack Heroes: free on iTunes

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 13:50

Geek of the Week: Grab Bag

June is National Internet Safety Month. There are many free virus scanners available for your PC including Lavasoft's Ad-Aware, AVG AntiVirus, and Avast. As a supplemental product, I recommend MalwareBytes Free. This product scrubs away some cookies and app data that might be overlooked by your normal virus scanner.

Street Project Progress Reports.  This week, the City of Cleveland released a web site to help you keep track of road repair and resurfacing projects in your neighborhood. RoadRX tells you where the street crews are now, what they are doing, how long they'll be there, and where they're going next. The app is free and online at

Gmail releases Undo Send.  Have you ever sent an email, then moments later, realized you spelled someone's name wrong, or that you sent it to your mom instead of your boyfriend...or worse yet...your comments about the boss's new policy went not to your colleague, but to the entire company?  Well now...there's a “take backsies” safety net!

Google has been testing an “Undo Send” feature for several years and finally released it to all Gmail users this week!  Undo Send delays sending the email for 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds after you press “send”.  To activate, go to the General Tab in Settings.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 13:45

Geek of the Week: HealthyDay

This is a cold and flu tracking app from Johnson & Johnson.  It combines user reported data, information from local doctors' offices, mentions on social media, and google searches to determine when the flu, a cold or even allergy season is about to hit your neighborhood. The app also offers health tips and ads from appropriate over-the-counter medicines. The company says their ultimate goal is to provide information on more contageous ailments, once their user-base has expanded.

Free on iTunes and coming soon to google.

This week is the annual Apple Developer's conference in San Francisco. On Monday, the company announced it's “next big thing”: Apple Music. Their new music streaming service aimed at competing with the likes of Spotify, Pandora...and dare I say,

The new music streaming service launches at the end of the month and will integrate iTunes (both on-demand and purchased/cloud stored music), Apple's own “Beats1” Internet radio station, and a social aspect like MySpace for bands to keep an info page with their latest information, songs and tour dates.

Cost $9.99 a month or $14.99 for a family of (up to) 6. It will be found on all Apple devices, and later this year, will be available on Android and PCs as well.

Wednesday, 03 June 2015 07:00

Geek of the Week: zTAILORS

This is a new service, set up by George Zimmer (who used to be the face of Men's Warehouse...“I guarantee it”). It is, a network independent tailors who make house-calls. Through the web site, you book a measuring and a fitting, the tailor comes to you, and you get your clothes back in about a week...there's a $25 charge for 48 hour turn around. The company started last year in Southern California and plans to launch nationwide this summer.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015 05:24

Geek of the Week: Geocaching

052715With the summer months upon us and more people heading outside, here's a fun app to take with you the next time you go camping, to the park or for a walk around the neighborhood. Geocaching is, essentially, GPS Hide-n-Seek. For years, people have been hiding little boxes or jars all over the world, in the hopes that people will find them. Inside the container is usually a notepad to collect the names of everyone who has found it, as well as trinkets that hard-core Geocachers trade (take-a-penny / leave-a-penny style). This app shows a map of your location, and all of the available caches in the area. Using your phone's GPS, the built-in compass, and a clue, you search for the hidden container. If your kids grumble when you ask them to join you on a hike, bring this app along and turn your hike into a treasure hunt! They'll love it! Free in Google Play and on iTunes.

052015We all know that fresh, warm Krispy Kreme doughnuts are the best. Sure, yesterday's original glazed are still good and you can put them in the microwave, but fresh from bakery can't be beat! Now here's your chance to never have less-than-fresh doughnuts again! Krispy Kreme introduces the Hot Light app. Find the store nearest you and get push notifications when stores have fresh pastries coming off the line right now. It also works like a rewards program and you get a free doughnut just for signing up. Free in the App Store and GooglePlay.

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