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You are ready for action.....


You can sit around waiting for inspiration to strike, or you can get busy and let inspiration find you already in action. You can wait until you are ready, or you can simply declare that you are ready and get yourself started.

Being ready for action is really nothing more than a state of mind. And you can change the state of your mind as quickly as you wish, anytime you wish.

So the fact is, you are ready, right now, here in this place, with everything just as it is. You are ready to make things happen, so remind yourself of that and get going.

The satisfaction of solving a difficult problem, or creating something new and valuable, is right there in your foreseeable future. And here you are, ready and eager to go.

This is going to be a truly outstanding day because you are ready to make it so. The future looks bright because you are ready to do whatever it takes to make that future shine.


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Put your skills to work....

Life is demanding and you have succeeded in meeting all those demands. You have persisted through every challenge and you can do it again.

In fact, you’ve become skilled at working your way forward. Today is another great opportunity to put your skills to work.

Over and over again, you have proven you can make a difference. Think of how you can apply that ability to make this a richer, more fulfilling and enjoyable day.

Take a deep breath, feel your strength, your competence, and your desire to bring new beauty to life. Remind yourself of how thankful you are for the progress you’ve been able to create.....


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Always more...

You have more strength than you know. Start to make use of that strength, to expect more of yourself, and you’ll begin to find how much is really there.

You have more stories than you realize. Begin to offer those stories, in ways helpful and congenial, and you’ll understand how rich and profound they are.

You are wealthy beyond any level you have ever imagined. Open your eyes to the value in all that surrounds you, and live the joyful, creative reality of that wealth.

Within your life is an ever-glowing treasure, resonating with all of life while also being uniquely you. Allow that gentle glow to spark into a brilliant flame, lighting the universe in its own beautiful way..... MORE

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Live it well...

Don’t waste this precious day creating regrets. Invest your time creating value.

Don’t work against your own interests by using your energy to feel sorry for yourself. You can use that same energy, and more, to get beyond whatever may be troubling you.

The choices you make are what determine the quality of the life you live. Every time you have a choice to make, you have the opportunity to make life richer and more fulfilling.

You are immersed in abundance and possibility. Have the presence of mind to see it, and have the courage to make the most of it all...READ MORE

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Want even more motivation visit the WAVE's FB page...

Your Monday Motivation was brought to you by, Church in the circle where all are welcome, all the time.

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