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The Washington Post has a great example of why it is so difficult to find the lost Malaysian Air flight.  Click HERE to check the link and see what seach crews are up against.

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Momentum change

Even the smallest positive effort can create a radical shift in your perspective. Even the smallest positive effort can begin to create a powerful, forward-focused momentum.

If it seems you’re going through a bad stretch, make the choice to change your momentum. Then step decisively forward and act on that choice.

Read more at http://greatday.com

Your motivation brought to you in partnership with University Circle United Methodist Church.  Visit wwwchurchinthecircle.com



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Last week, Target sent an email to about 70 million customers offering apologies and free credit monitoring for the next year.  Great, right?  Unfortunately, whenever someone tries to do good, there is someone right behind them, trying to do wrong.  Target says they have identified and stopped at least 12 scammers who were posing as the store, sending similar emails.


In the wake, Target suggests not clicking on links in any such emails and certainly not providing personal information through them.  

Instead, go directly to creditmonitoring.target.com.

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Whenever the subject of 'weight loss' comes up on the Wave Morning Show, Dan asks everyone if they have seen Pottsy's "fat picture"?  

For those of you who haven't see it, here is the side-by-side of Pottsy in 2000 at 305 pounds and in 2014 at 188.  



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