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Grace's MOTIVATION Monday, July 14

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Allow the meaning....


Make this day meaningful by allowing it to be meaningful. Instead of striving to invent some grand purpose, accept that there is a grand purpose and go with it.

Rather than making judgments about the meaning of whatever you’re experiencing, simply be thankful to be experiencing it. There is great meaning to be found and felt in the living of each moment.

See that life, in whatever form it takes, in whatever circumstance it exists, has profound and intrinsic meaning. Nothing is trivial when you fully appreciate how it makes you feel.

You are here to experience the inscrutable, miraculous condition that is life, from a truly unique perspective. Embrace the opportunity, and live fully the meaning that is surely there.

Listen, love, taste, hear, give, understand, work, play and live the meaning as it flows forth. Up and down, sweet and sour, simple, difficult, soft, hard and whatever may happen all bring new richness and meaning...... 

courtesy of: greatday.com



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