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Grace's MOTIVATION Monday

There is so much to value...

Getting uptight won’t get anything done. Relax, enjoy the moment, and you’ll get more positive value out of it.

The work may be difficult, complicated and challenging, but that doesn’t mean you must fight against it. Be genuinely thankful for the opportunity to make a difference, and the difference you make will be a beautiful one.

Being resentful about what you must do will only make it more burdensome. You can choose instead to be enthusiastic, and you’ll immediately feel a great weight lifted off your shoulders.

There is so much to value, appreciate and enjoy about life. It really makes no sense to fight against it.

Read more at http://greatday.com


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Positively Cleveland, has launched their latest branding branding campaign for the city: “This is Cleveland” which replaces “Cleveland Rocks”. The campaign paints the city as trendy, without the big-city ego, and as individual as the residents.  Click HERE to see the full promotional video.

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Have you seen the GoPro Superman video yet?  Pretty awesome if you ask us!

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The Washington Post has a great example of why it is so difficult to find the lost Malaysian Air flight.  Click HERE to check the link and see what seach crews are up against.

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