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The Browns aren't playing in “the big game”, you've already seen all of the commercials online, you don't really care about the teams playing, but you don't want to miss something good on Sunday!

Enter: Thuuz (pronounced /thooze/)

This app sends you an alert when the action in the game heats up, and keeps you up to date on the score and playmakers!

The app is actually intended for the regular season. When the game you're watching stinks, Thuuz lets you know which games are exciting and which games are not worth your time. Never have to channel surf again, hoping to find the action.  

Works for any sport, any season.

Free for iOS, Android and connected TVs.

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This is a quick, simple, free app for your computer that adjusts your screen's color and brightness to the time of day. During daytime hours, the screen is colored to work best in sunlight, at night, the screen is tinted to warmer hues to emulate indoor lighting.  The color adjustment is supposedly better on your eyes than staring at a normal monitor...especially at night.

Its free for PCs and Macs

There are similar adjustment apps for mobile devices in the App Store and pla.

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The idea behind this social alarm clock is: people waking people.

Nobody likes the sound of an alarm beeping. This app replaces that sound with the soothing sound of your telephone ringing.  *Because, let's face it, when you're in a deep sleep and the phone rings, you're not going back to sleep for a while.

Set your alarm for 6am, another Wakie member will call you at 6am. The call is automatically dropped after 60 seconds and your phone number is never visible to the person calling.

As a member, you also have the choice to be the waker, not just the wakee.

The app is free on all platforms.

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As we get into 2015 and start work on our resolutions to lose weight, here's an app that can help you find something healthy to eat when you're dining out.  Search for a place to eat by location or search for something healthy on the menu.  The app allows you to filter the menu by calorie count or Weight Watcher's "Points", filter by your specific diet or dietary needs; by cuisine or type of dish; or use their most popular filter:  "Not a salad".  The app gives you nutrition information for your meal and also offers customer reviews of the restaurant and the dish itself.

HealthyOut is available for free on iTunes and Google Play.

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