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With Summer Blockbuster season just around the corner, here's your chance to see them all for one low, monthly fee! For $30 a month, MoviePass will give you access to one 2D movie, every 24 hours! Once you're a member, you'll receive a MoviePass member card in the mail. When you arrive at the theater (93% of theaters in the country accept MoviePass), check-in on the app. That activates your membership card for 30 minutes. Its an anti-theft protection. You still have to wait in line for a ticket, but simply swipe your card and you're in! The app shows theaters close by, as well as what's playing, and is free for all phones. Go to to sign up and get the first two weeks for free.

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A global network of bathrooms for rent. When there aren't enough public facilities nearby, use the app to locate a private, pay-per-use restroom. Residences and businesses can open their bathrooms to the public, for a fee. The app shows a map of available potties in the area, click on one you like, it tells you the name of the business and the price (no address until you pay) can even read user reviews. Pay from the app, then rate your experience after.  Free on iTunes

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This was the hottest app discussed at SXSW last week. Its a live streaming app that works with twitter. Open the app, it loads the camera...hit “stream” and it tweets a direct link to your stream. Stream live video to other users. It only runs in real-time so no pausing or rewinding...and no reruns. If you miss it...its gone. However, streamers can keep the video and re-stream any time they like. Its only available for iphone, however there is an unofficial “watcher app” available on Google Play.


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Remember that picture of the weasel riding on the back of a flying woodpecker that made the rounds a couple weeks ago?  Well, now its an app!  Weasel Woodpecker is a game where you first act as the weasel and try to jump onto the back of a passing woodpecker.  Then you maneuver the woodpecker over and around obstacles, like you did in FlappyBird.  Finally, you're the weasel again, needing to dismount and stick the landing on target.  Total time waster, but fun.  Weasel Woodpecker available for free, only on Google Play.

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