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Boysenberry Cherry Jellies
30 Oct 2014 23:16Boysenberry Cherry Jellies

Makes 24 pieces 1 cup boysenberry jelly (strain all seeds when applicable)
½ cup cherry jelly
¾ cup  water
¾ cup  granulated sugar (plus extra for dusting)
3 Tbsp. unflavored powdered gelatin Spray a silicone candy mold with non-stick cooking spray. In a 3 qu [ ... ]

Geek of the Week: Photomath
28 Oct 2014 18:00Geek of the Week:  Photomath

Like the app Leonard and Sheldon created on CBS's Big Bang Theory, life is imitating art. Photomath is every student's dream and every teacher's nightmare. It is a camera based calculator. Take a picture of your equation of math problem...and Photmath gives you the answer! Not only does it s [ ... ]

Delvis Valentine 10/27/14
27 Oct 2014 13:52Delvis Valentine 10/27/14

Delvis Valentine from The Sports Brothers called in to talk with Dan & Grace about Sunday's win over the Raiders.  

Shan Gibley 10/27/14
27 Oct 2014 13:50Shan Gibley 10/27/14

Shan Gibley, Cleveland's youngest and most affordable Browns beat reporter gives Dan & Grace his take on Sunday's win over the Raiders.

Grace's MOTIVATION Monday, Oct. 27
27 Oct 2014 12:53Grace's MOTIVATION Monday, Oct. 27

  Rise above the resentment...   Much of the pain of undertaking a difficult task is the resentment you attach to it. Let go of the resentment and the pain will greatly subside. Work does not have to be a punishment or a chore. It is only your attitude that makes it [ ... ]

Geek of the Week: CanIStream.It
21 Oct 2014 16:42Geek of the Week:  CanIStream.It

In the world of streaming video, there used to be just two players: YouTube and Netflix. Now there is iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Vudoo, Hulu and the list goes on. CanIStream.It is a one-stop-shop search engine for streaming movies and TV shows. A quick search can tell you if the movie is a [ ... ]

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